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Dear Participating Vendor:
Thank you for inquiring about our event. This year the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its 26th Annual Street Fair. Well into its third decade, the Covert Avenue event is always a hugely anticipated event by the residents of its surrounding villages — Floral Park, Stewart Manor and Garden City.
For your convenience, we have formed this page to fill you in on event information, policies and general "rules of the road" to insure a successful day for all parties involved.


Covert Avenue, Floral Park / Stewart Manor
from Tulip Avenue to Cisney Avenue just North of Sewanhaka High School

Show Hours

Show Start Time: 11:00am
Show End Time: 5:00pm

Check-In & Setup: 8:30am
Latest Check-In Time: 9:40am
Vendors arriving after this time will have to cart their items to their spot from their parking spot, or outside the perimeter of the fair.
All Vehicles Off Fair Grounds By: 10:00am

Breakdown Start Time: 5:00pm
You may begin packing before 5pm. However, vehicles will not be allowed to enter the fair space until 5pm.
Vehicle Entry: 5:30pm
An earlier vehicle entry time may be possible, but that decision will be made on-site at the discretion of the host organization.
Departure Time: Must be off site by 7:00pm

Threatening Forecasts

Threatening Weather? Tune into our Facebook Page;
Visit: LIFairs for forecast updates.

Vendor Layout & Positioning

How Do We Go About This:
LIFairs exercises many considerations regarding vendor placement. We take steps to avoid placing vendors with identical or similar merchandise next to each other. It is a painstaking process, but we make it a part of our overall efforts to maximize the potential success for our participating vendors.

Positioning is determined based on the following:
First Come, First Serve: Applications are time stamped based on postmarks or credit card processing dates.

Generator Usage: Generator usage will impact positioning due to noise and exhaust fumes. We will position in a manner that has the least impact on other vendors and the public.

Sunshine & Heat: We will try our best to accomodate vendors who are impacted by sun or by heat by trying to secure shade spots or position them facing north.

Requests: We try our best to honor requests. but not all requests are honored.

Returning Vendors: We respect vendors who return year after year. However, spot numbers can change as event layouts are adjusted. If you wish to return to a previous year's position, please note in your application and we will try to honor it.

Booth Policies

Vendors must clean up their spaces:

You are responsible to make sure yoour space is clean before departing. To assist you with this, the Chamber of Commerce is placing trash recepticles (lined boxes) throughout the fair for attendees to deposit their garbage. Please take advantage of these boxes at the end of the day to deposit any garbage yoou may have accumulated during your stay. DO NOT EXPLOIT THIS.

If you have a lot of garbage, including empty boxes and more, you are expected to arrive with garbage bags for the large amount of garbage you have and take it to the designated garbage collection point (ask yellow vested vendor for the location). Do not overflow the boxes.

Tent Weights
Vendors must be equipped with tent weights if weather conditions demand it.

For the safety of you, your neighboring vendors, attendees and your merchandise, you need to have weights to hold down your tent in the event of wind.

Tastings & Sampling
It's up to vendors to know the health department rules & guidelines on tasting & sampling.

County Health Department inspectors visit every one of our fairs. If an inspector visits your booth and instructs you to put away your samples or tells you to stop selling, you will not be issued a refund. It is your business to know your business.

Early Departures & No Shows
Vendors are expected to attend the event and STAY for the duration of the event.

The appearance of the fair impacts our event. Vacant spots are eyesores and communicate a poor image of the event to attendees. We strive for continuity of vendors booths and a feeling of completeness.

Early Departures: Vendors are discouraged from departing early. Early departers must cart their materials to their parked vehicles off the fair grounds. If you still plan to depart early, you must inform organizers before the event.
No Shows: If you are not going to show up, you need to notify the organizer that you will not be attending so that we may amend the layout.

Refund Policy

Rain Dates Offered For Most Shows. Rain dates are executed when unforeseen circumstances (most often weather) force a postponement of initial show date.
Refunds: Withdrawal must be minimum 10 days before an event.
Credits: Withdrawals must be a minimum 5 days before the event.
No Refunds within three days of an event, after an event, or when a rain date is executed.

Submit Your Form

You can now fill out or forms, upload any paperwork and make your payment online.

Pay Online

Download and print our forms and make your payment by mailing a check.

Pay By Check

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