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401GO Plan Information

Welcome Covert Avenue Chamber members! We are excited to offer a 401(k) plan for you that is not only affordable for your business, but also has all the features and technology that makes things easy-to-use.

If you are ready to sign up for your 401(k) plan with the chamber, just create your account in the above Members Login Box.

There are over 40 million employees employed by small businesses in the United States that do not have a retirement saving plan. Also, did you know that studies show that employees are 15X more likely to save for retirement when their employer has a retirement saving plan?

If you missed the webinar meeting, there will be a recording that you can download and listen on your own time.

What makes this 401(k) plan different from others?
• Quick Setup - Our chamber benefits from a quick 30 minute setup. Instead of weeks like other providers. Everything is online and easy to navigate through. If there are questions, we do have the assistance of 401GO to complete this.
• Eligibility Tracking - We track your employees and notify them when they are eligible. No need for you to do that. Just add in new hires, and we'll take care of the rest!
• Dynamic Rebalancing - No need to schedule a rebalance of your retirement account, with our Dynamic Rebalancing, this happens automatically as the market drifts beyond 5% of your account. Strategy Builder - Every participant has access to a risk assessment investment builder. Answer some questions about your risk level and we will propose an investment lineup for you.

• Automation - The 401GO platform lives off automation to make things easier for you, more efficient, and ultimately more affordable.
• Relationship Manager - Every 401(k) plan set up through the Covert Avenue Chamber will have the same dedicated relationship manager to help outside of all the efficiency and automation.

Are you ready to set up your 401(k) plan? Create your account in the Members Login Box at the top of the page.

The more chamber members that join this plan, the more affordable it becomes. All businesses under the chamber plan will have their employees increase the per participant discount.

See below for that benefit: (This is only available to chamber members.)
0-50 participants is $9 per participant
51-100 participants is $8 per participant
101-200 participants is $7 per participant
201-500 participants is $6 per participant
500+ participants is $5 per participant

Are you ready to set up your 401(k) plan? Create your account in the Members Login Box at the top of the page.

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